Men earn $1.30 for every $1 women make

Men have a clear earnings advantage over women in the current U.S. labor market. Although we normally talk about women being at a disadvantage and earning only 77 cents for every dollar men make, this only serves to reinforce the perception that men are the norm, a standard to which women should measure up. Actual […]

Congressional Dysfunction and Presidential Power

On at least three major issues President Obama has now attempted to bypass a dysfunctional congress. Immigration Marijuana Economic Growth In last night’s State of the Union, Obama pledged to act on the economy without relying on congressional approval. On immigration and marijuana the President has announced prosecutorial discretion, declaring that he would not prosecute […]

Facts, Values, Economics, and Experience

Economists like to think of much of their work as a scientific description of the world, free of moral or ethical content. The people who write and think about ethics and economics are engaged in normative economics, while those who describe the world as it is practice positive economics. However, the very practice of positive […]

Kentucky’s Budget

The Kentucky Center for Economic Policy has a good overview of what’s happened to Kentucky’s budget since 2008. The crucial thing to remember about state budgets is that they tend to cover things that almost everyone agrees are essential. The federal budget always covers enough different things that it’s easy to find a category you […]