Jobs in Kentucky

While I’m on the subject of Kentucky, I really like this graph from the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy on jobs since the recession. It’s a nice illustration of the gap between the jobs we’d need to keep up with population growth (the pink area), and the jobs lost and then gained back since the recession (the red area).

KY Jobs Deficit

The other disheartening news is that the jobs that have come back aren’t necessarily good jobs. Among those who do have work, the percentage whose wages aren’t enough to lift them out of poverty has grown to over 32%:

share of KY workers making poverty wages

Technically the recession may be over, but the impacts are certainly still being felt by most of the population.

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One thought on “Jobs in Kentucky

  1. The second graph is a stark reality within Kentucky. Several friends, including myself, graduated with our masters and living in the poverty level.

    I realized it never “pays” to be a social worker, but it’s a bit crazy.

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