Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Criticism (A note on political correctness)

Political correctness has been a major source of anger throughout the Republican primary, fueling Donald Trump (and more briefly, Ben Carson). It has even reached the point where conservatives have argued that political correctness is limiting their freedom of speech. So, I thought I should clarify: You have the right to say things that are […]

Coal Mining and Population Loss

My first peer-reviewed publication is out in the Journal of Appalachian Studies. I’ve posted the full paper here, ¬†and below is a shortened and non-technical version. The Data, Methods, and Analysis section is rewritten for this blog to make it more accessible for lay readers, while the other sections are merely abridged. Coal Mining and […]

The flawed logic of conservative opposition to regulations: the case of jury duty

Conservatives often start from the premise that individual freedoms ought to be maximized. Since regulations limit freedoms, regulations therefore ought to be minimized. But the concept of freedom is nowhere near as straightforward as it initially appears. In deference to the general conservative love of the Constitution, the complicated nature of individual freedom can be […]