KY Supreme Court believes minimum wage is to protect employers, not workers

Kentucky’s Supreme Court has struck down minimum wage increases passed by Kentucky’s two largest cities, Louisville and Lexington (pdf text of court decision). This will harm low-wage workers in both cities, and I’ll discuss the economics of city minimum wages more below, but I want to start with the legal reasoning used in the court’s […]

Work Requirements Can’t Solve Poverty

Work requirements can’t solve poverty because 97 percent of the poor are either children, retired, disabled, students, caregivers, or already working. Public opinion research consistently shows high levels of support for aiding the poor, matched with equally high levels of concern that aid only be given to those who deserve it. This concern to distinguish […]

Freedom of Speech is not Freedom from Criticism (A note on political correctness)

Political correctness has been a major source of anger throughout the Republican primary, fueling Donald Trump (and more briefly, Ben Carson). It has even reached the point where conservatives have argued that political correctness is limiting their freedom of speech. So, I thought I should clarify: You have the right to say things that are […]