Why the narrative of personal responsibility slips so easily into racism

When it comes to explaining poverty and inequality in the U.S., there tend to be two broad categories of explanations. The first is personal responsibility. On this narrative, poverty and inequality are caused by personal failings. The second focuses on institutional factors, arguing that poverty is a result of the choices we’ve made about the […]

Democratic Presidents Are Better For The Economy

The economy has grown much more quickly under Democratic presidents. It has also grown more equally. Since World War II, working class incomes have grown eight times as fast under Democrats, and middle class incomes have grown twice as fast. Nor has this come at the cost of the wealthy, whose incomes have grown equally […]

Hidden Government Spending in the Tax Code

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has a revealing report out about hidden spending through the U.S. tax code. Instead of simply lowering rates, the U.S. tax code tries to encourage and discourage certain behaviors by writing preferences into the tax code. So rather than giving people money to buy a house or buy health insurance, […]