The flawed logic of conservative opposition to regulations: the case of jury duty

Conservatives often start from the premise that individual freedoms ought to be maximized. Since regulations limit freedoms, regulations therefore ought to be minimized. But the concept of freedom is nowhere near as straightforward as it initially appears. In deference to the general conservative love of the Constitution, the complicated nature of individual freedom can be […]

Why the narrative of personal responsibility slips so easily into racism

When it comes to explaining poverty and inequality in the U.S., there tend to be two broad categories of explanations. The first is personal responsibility. On this narrative, poverty and inequality are caused by personal failings. The second focuses on institutional factors, arguing that poverty is a result of the choices we’ve made about the […]

Of Riots and Racism

I should be writing term papers, but I’ve been stunned at the amount of casual racism floating through social media and the internet in the wake of riots in Baltimore. An overwhelming number of people seem to believe one can explain riots and protests in Baltimore simply by saying people are making the choice to […]